Audrey – B. 5/14/1931 D. 2/22/2022

I had the pleasure of being Audrey Lafirira’s friend for the last few years before her death in February 2022. I spent almost 2 years interviewing her over the phone and Covid kept that limitation in place until she died. We occasionally talked from a distance, she on her deck in a chair and on the lawn. We worked on a list of historic farms of E Montpelier but then that transitioned to her stories.

Here is the essay I wrote that covered all her stories (many scribbled on scrap paper while trying to make lunch as we talked on the phone) and I added geneology, maps,  and pictures to it. It hasn’t been read by any family members yet so I expect to edit it as I learn things.

Please email me at  if you have any info or additions for me. Link below – Loads slowly, 15 MB file:   Audrey draft 4/04/2022