Most recent Chop/Logo

Earliest Chop/Logo from 70s

Here is  my longtime logo – a Toltec symbol for mankind, dancing. This was my logo. It was something that college boyfriend Lew used as his personal logo. I brushed it on the bottom of pots for decades. On the left is a pot from my college years, and on the right is a recent pot. I had a few little stamps made, one with my website name and then the little chop. Here’s what I know about its history, as told by a Danish man who I found while trying to research it:


 “I guess I, like you, just loved the simplicity and immediate meaning one got from that symbol. As far as I have been able to find out it origins from the
Toltec Indians that lived at the same time as the Aztecs and the Mayas and represents either the sun god or the unison of man and sun. I deduct this bit of information from a homepage in German I once read discribing it as hypermench (superior man or being).”


Below that is a collection of my website banners from 1994 to 2013. I used
Adobe Illustrator to design my own graphics, and also made my own website using Dreamweaver.