Old Pots from Goddard College studio and my first few years in Cabot studio

One of the oldest. Seems like the Goddard Studio taught beginners to throw BRICK clay! The glaze is probably Rhodes 32: Everyone was into Macrame back in the day:


The Salt Kiln at Goddard was the site of a party atmosphere during firings. The trick to a good firing was to get to cone 10 and then rip the door down for a fast coolong. Seriously. It required a lot of Ouzo: White clay decoration on dark clay:



A 3 Section 24″ Planter I gave my mother in law. She let me have it back for the archive when she got older: Another Planter probably 30″ high:
Carved vase with Albany Slip

I sold this big vase at my senior show, and bought it back for $8 at an estate sale a decade later:

Beautiful salt firing! That white spot was probably a dreaded chunk of plaster. Or something. The potter professor asked to keep this piece in his office. Apparently it looked to him like something HE WOULD HAVE MADE. Seriously:
Mug Experiment.
I loved this speckly blue, which had granular ilmenite in it:
A little casserole

I sold this to someone at a show in the first few years I had my studio. About 15 years after I was browsing at an estate sale(RIP), and found it for $6. I bought it back! :