Bennett Better Built and Ready Cut Homes

The Ray H. Bennett Lumber Company was established in North Tonawanda, New York in 1902.

According to the North Tonawanda History Museum, Bennett produced more than 90 different plans of kit homes that were sold throughout the NE United States. Many Bennetts can still be found in and around the Buffalo area.

Like many of the kit home manufacturers, Bennett’s homes were well-engineered using top grade materials.

Bennett’s arguments for purchasing one of their homes was typical of most manufacturers during the 1920s and beyond: Buying is better than renting, and families flourish in a home of their own which then makes for a happier, more productive country. Basically, it was God, Country, Mom and apple pie.

The Bennett Company, as a testament to its adaptability, remained in business until the 1970s.



This info is from the Antique Home Style website.