I have been read about or been told about 15 or 16 houses in Montpelier that were built from segments of Wards. Some have more than one of the typical 36′ long segments.

Sloan General Hospital photo probably taken from up above Hill Street south of Montpelier. Courtesy of Special Collections, Bailey Howe Library UVM

Footnote from “Designed to Heal” listing probably homes made from parts of wards

M Sherman has been told casually of a building being moved down E State St to be used in the C H Cross Bakery complex. This is a closeup of 1925 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map at Leahy Library. I see several buildings that have the same width as the Sloan Hospital Buildings. One is on the right on Main St next to the Bethany Church. It could be roughly 26′ wide by 62′ long. A second says Stage D and might be around 26′ wide by 37′ long.