These are the verified buildings that researchers have studied, plus 24 Kent and 20 First Ave, which I had heard about.


  1. Could 95 College be one of the 2 story buildings from the Sloan Campus? More notes below picture. I need to compare it to 99-101 E State which has an L fitting the standard dimension, but I wonder about the main part with front entry, similar to 95 College.

2.  25 Kent notes in Designed to Heal footnote seems be a typo and  should have been 24 Kent, the one on the corner of Kent and Ridge in a line with the 2 other verified ones that are 20 and 22 Ridge.

3. I wonder if there are any other bldgs in Montpelier. And I wonder if any were moved off campus when the older dorms etc were replaced with brick buildings. Michael Sherman mentions someone told him a hospital or college building was moved down E State to become part of the Cross Baking Co buildings.The Sanborn map from 1925 shows 2 buildings that could be the correct width.