This plant is rampant along I 89 and in the Champlain Valley. We have a small infestation in E Montpelier along the County Rd between Barnes Rd and Powder Horn Glen that I am working to get rid of.  I would love to hear of any others in town. This plant is worse than Wild Chervil. If you get the sap on your skin it can cause blistering if you are exposed to the sun.







Here is an article about it:

How to dig it up: After a rainy day it pulls up easily. I put it into a heavy duty garbage bag, folding up the plants to fit them in. The stalks are stiff so they can poke through the plastic unless you have a heavy duty bag. Rarely one won’t pull easily and you might need a shovel. It works to slice the plant and inch or 2 below the soil surface.

Safety Measures: Wear long sleeves,  long pants, and gloves, safety goggles or glasses. I like those garden gloves with the rubber coating. I wash everything after I go digging, even wiping off car surfaces I might have touched.  I also shower (I always do that after being around ticks too) and wash exposed skin with diluted Dawn Dish Detergent ( I just read an article saying Dawn is best for washing your skin after poison ivy and oak, even better than Technu.) if skin might have had exposure.

Just FYI here is how I am dealing with tick issues.