Possible Bennett Plymouth Built 1938

We have a wealth of information about this house since East Montpelier resident Pauline Coburn grew up there. Her parents, Winona and Wendell Greaves built it in 1938. Her parents bought farm fields from the  bigger Greaves family farm. There was a sugar woods and sugar house near where the Westview Meadows building is now.  Her uncles farmed across the street. One  had the farmhouse that is now painted red.The farm fields for that farm stretched out in back including the area where the solar panels are.

Another uncle also farmed in the area, living in the house where the Children’s Garden nursery school is now. It’s the last house on the right before the highway overpass. Large fields still survive towards the highway.

Pauline has kept some old pictures of the house that was built when she was a small child included here. Also she also has a roll of original blueprints which I’ve included here. The house design is very similar to the Bennett Plymouth. There are several changes. A tiny lavatory was added to the back left corner. Also there is no stairway to the attic, only a trap door in the ceiling. But the layout of the 2nd floor front windows still matches the Bennett catalogue floorplan. It looks like they eliminated the stairs to create a closet in the right bedroom where the stair doorway would have been and also add a closet to the left corner bedroom.

The left sunroom was added later as well as the fireplace. Paulie wrote her name on the wall paper of the back right bedroom.

Pauline remembers that  she and her cousins would play in an old cabin up on the hill above the house. They found a poster in there of military airplane silhouettes. The cabin had been used as a Civil Air patrol lookout  during WW 2 and I’ve included  a similar poster below to the right of the picture with the cabin.

The Pauline’s father owned the old Gallison Hill Agway. The neighborhood changed when I-89 was built. The Montpelier area segment was finished in 1960. The whole length was finished by 1967. The family moved to Longmeadow Lane in 1962.